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                              Is this the year you are going to "do something" with your photos?
                     Would you like a friend to cheer you on and help you with along the way?

               Are you ready to connect with others + become accountable to your photo projects?

This interactive group is a unique experience for you to get inspired + become accountable to your own bite size photo goals. 

Work on the projects you want to tackle + go at your own pace.  

                                   Eat that photo elephant a bite at a time!!

We will check in with each other weekly - we like to call it Photo Fridays - for a live, interactive, unscripted, yet very inspiring experience.  This is literally the next best thing to hanging out together in person.  You can choose to hop on the screen live with me or simply watch the live chat.  I do encourage you to hop on live to share your wins + ask questions.

You will also have the chance to hear my personal photo goals each week as well as get a glimpse at my latest photo projects.  

Can't Meet Each Week Live?
No worries.  The live chats are recorded and posted for replay in our private group.  

This group will motivate, cheer, and guide you along the way as you achieve your personal photos goals. 

So what are you waiting for?  Click on the this month's group and join the fun!!

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Want To Learn At Your Own Pace?

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